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Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd MCC, NBC-HWC


The Flourishing Life 
Coaching, Coach Training, ICF Mentor Coaching, for a fruitful, abundant and meaningful life.

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Welcome to Flourish Wellbeing University,

I'm Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd I'm an ICF (MCC) Master Certified Coach and I coach and train people to live the flourishing life.


I offer coach training for those who want to take what they have learned and become a coach.


I help coaches to go next level and grow as a coach, through ICF coach mentoring.


I look forward to working with you!

Because you were made to flourish. 



Are your emotions controlling you?

 Do you need to lose weight and get your health back?


Do you need help restoring a relationship?

You will learn how to deepen your union with God

Process and manage your emotions

Get your health back

Improve your relationships

You will receive Flourish Wellbeing Practices to help you thrive in your emotional, spiritual, physical and relational wellbeing.

Do you need to earn extra income?

 Are you interested in working for yourself?

 Do you believe you would make a good coach?


Become a Certified Professional Life Coach

and start your coaching business now.

It’s easier than you think.

Are you struggling to launch your coaching business?


Do you need help going to the next level as a coach?


Are you in need of some mentor coaching hours?

Receive all the forms, handouts and business tips you need to

launch your coaching business. 


I also offer ICF mentor coach hours and can teach you the skills you need

to become a master level coach. 

What is hurting you, difficult and a struggle in your life?  

Are you stuck in patterns and relationships that are painful and you long to make sense of,

heal and grow? 

Do you need time to pull away from the bustle of life to sort through your childhood wounds, life’s difficulties, regrets, disappointments, and losses and understand ‘you’ and the story of your life?

Do you long to make sense of your marriage?  Your parenting style and its impact on your children?  

How to get along with your adult children?  


I offer a 2 Day Zoom Individual Intensive for Women that is a transformative journey blending counseling, coaching and spiritual direction for women who want to share their story in order to heal, rebuild their lives,

and hear from God.