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Become a Certified Master Coach

20 Hour Self-Paced Coach Training Course

The field of professional coaching continues to be a growing opportunity to partner with others in transforming lives, especially during these challenging times.

My passion in creating this course is to train every coach to become a masterful coach.

In this course you will learn the key skills to becoming a masterful coach and receive the coaching resources to start your coaching business now.

Session 1 - Introduction to Professional Life Coaching

Session 2 - Developing a Coaching Mindset

Session 3 - Assessing the Different Coaching Models

Session 4 - Coach as Change Agent

Session 5 - The Person of the Coach

Session 6 - Direct Communication in Coaching

Session 7 - Coaching for EQ( Emotional Intelligence)

Session 8 - Advanced Coaching Skills

Session 9 - Effective Coaching Exercises and Assessments 

Session 10 - Building Your Coaching Practice