$99.00 USD

7 Steps to Better Relationships with Your Adult Children Self Coaching Course

I am very passionate about this topic because I’m a parent of 3 adult children, and I am on this journey with you to find ways to improve my relationships with them. It’s interesting to note that we will spend more time as a parent of an adult child than we will as the parent of a young child or adolescent. Yet we spend so little time reading and really learning how to parent our adult children. This course offers 7 steps to improve your relationship.


  • Session 1 Keep Your Mouth Shut and the Welcome Mat Out
  • Session 2 Parent as Coach
  • Session 3 Accept the Relationship
  • Session 4 Become a Safe Person
  • Session 5 Believe in Their Potential
  • Session 6 Pray More and Worry Less
  • Session 7 Live in the Flow of God's Love