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Certified Spiritual Formation Coach

Earn 30 Hours ICF Coach Training

Thursdays 4:00-6:00 PST  7:00-9:00 EST


Cost: $995

Instructors: Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd MCC, NBC-HWC         Dr. Catherine Hart Weber ACC

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This Spiritual Formation Coach Training is designed to equip counselors, coaches and Christian Ministry Leaders to learn the 8 ICF Core Competencies to encourage others along their holistic spiritual growth journey. Participants will develop a greater appreciation for God's unique design and plan for us to grow, mature and Flourish in all areas of life.

Receive coaching skills, and resources to equip you along your spiritual journey and to journey with others in the process of maturity, endurance and deepening Christian faith and intimacy with God.

Session 1

           Overview of Whole Person Christian Formation


The journey and process of Whole Person Formation, Soul Care and

Human Flourishing. Living intentionally to ‘Flourish in Abundant Life’.

Review of Core Coaching Skills.  


Session 2 

           Developing A ‘spiritual core’


Relationship with God. Increasing Spiritual Vitality.

Spiritual Inventories. Core Spiritual Practices.  


Session 3

           Spiritual Rhythms, Practices and Disciplines for Modern Living


The purpose of Spiritual Practices is for what is needed now, for maturity, devotional life in union with God and formation in likeness of Christ.


Healthy Theology on Spirituality and Spiritual Formation.

Reservoir Model.      

Christian Disciplines and Practices.         

Creating a Portable Sanctuary.


Session 4

          Cultivating Healthy Spiritual Emotions and Spiritual States of Being


A Healthy Theology of Emotions and Core Life Systems. 

Joy and Gratitude

Peace and Tranquility

Love and Happiness

Hope and Encouragement

Session 5

            Cultivating Hope and Resilience: Endurance and Growth in Hard Times 


Your story can become your ministry and platform.

Traveling Companions. 

Savoring. Gratitude. Reframing Disaster. The silver lining exercise.  Hope Givers. 


Session 6

            Finding Your Meaning and Purpose 


Re-Purpose Driven Life.

Being and Doing.   Spiritual Gifts Inventory.

Finding your passion – living your purpose exercise.

Embracing your limits – busting through your limits.

Values list.  Sweet Spot exercise.

Visualize your future coaching exercise.


Session 7

            Developing ‘Curriculum in Christ Likeness’ 

A ‘Rule of Life’.       A Well-Ordered Life and Heart.


Benedictine Spirituality. Contemplative Spirituality.

Establish Daily Rhythms and Healthy Holy Habits. Core Practices.  

Liturgy of the Ordinary. 

Whole Person Formation to Flourish.

                                                    COST: $995

What Others Are Saying

Dr. Catherine and Dr. Sylvia were both fantastic teachers! I loved their welcoming and transparent demeanors. They shared little bits of their own practices and journeys where it was helpful to hear examples, which made them all the more relatable. They also were vulnerable with examples of their own struggles where it was helpful to the participants. For teachers with their experience and credentials, I found that very humanizing and encouraging to where I’m at as a newer coach.

Evangella Stavros

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